Steve HoodWho runs How To Treat Heartburn?

How To Treat Heartburn was established by health researcher, Steve Hood, to educate those with heartburn, acid reflux, GERD, silent reflux, esophageal spasms, and other related digestive disorders. All of these digestive disorders can be improved upon and in many cases eliminated entirely. Let’s expand on our knowledge of the digestive process, and explore the lifestyle changes and diet changes that many people use to find freedom from the symptoms of acid reflux disease.

Eliminating digestive problems is a challenge. We all respond differently to lifestyle changes, diet changes, and medications. No one plan is right for everyone and all plans of action should be discussed and coordinated with the supervision of a medical practitioner.

Steve Hood is the son of a prominent physician who taught him much about natural medicine. These teachings became his foundation for research into his own digestive disorders and eventually a solution that eliminated his GERD and esophageal spasms.

Steve has been writing about his experience with GERD and his research for 4 years and has been referenced in Gastroenterology a publication of the American Gastroenterological Association and a number of other authoritative medical trade journals. For more references, please see the reference section below.

Steve Hood’s Research Referenced

The work of Steve Hood has been referenced in the following medical publications:

Steve’s Experience with GERD and Esophageal Spasms

From childhood, Steve had debilitating acid reflux symptoms that included esophageal spasms. His symptoms led him to seek out the care of many different doctors in hopes of answers and a cure. He felt he could live with the heartburn but the esophageal spasms caused unbearable pain. The spasms were growing worse and more frequent lasting up to 8 hours. The pain level on a 1-10 scale was always a 10. The torture was unbearable and he could no longer live this way.

A gastroenterologist put a scope (camera) down his throat, took biopsies to check for esophageal cancer, looked for a hiatal hernia, and a solution to another problem that had developed. He was having trouble with the simple task of swallowing. He would aspirate while drinking beverages and choke when food stuck in his throat. He found the choking embarrassing to the point where he dreaded eating around others especially in restaurants.

What did the doctor find? Due to GERD (chronic acid reflux), stomach acid had damaged his esophagus forming a ring of scar tissue. This scar tissue caused a narrowing of this esophagus where food would get stuck or liquids would cause him to aspirate. The gastroenterologist dilated (stretched) the stricture that had formed which helped with swallowing, and was told he’d have to have this procedure done every couple of years.

PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) were prescribed to reduce the high level of acid found in the stomach and esophagus. The gastroenterologist wanted him on PPIs for the rest of his life. This is all any doctor wanted to do for him in the past, mask the problems with drugs instead of finding the root of the problem. There was something causing his problem and he was bound and determined to find a solution to his digestive disorders. Treating acid reflux disease with drugs is necessary at times, especially for the healing of damaged tissue but staying on a heartburn medication with harmful longterm side effects was not his idea of a solution.

Steve knew there had to be a better way than taking PPI’s for overcoming his problems. He came from a family of medical professionals that believe in natural medicine and healing through diet. He had faith that there was a solution. He researched extensively and experimented with different treatment options…

Steve found healing from acid reflux disease and esophageal spasms.

Why Start How To Treat Heartburn?

How To Treat Heartburn was started to share the information Steve found from countless hours of research done while tackling his digestive disorders. Do not rely on the information at How To Treat Heartburn as medical advice. Research conclusions and treatment recommendations by doctors are constantly changing. But you should share the information you find here with your medical professional to see if it might be of help in your treatment process.

The articles at How To Treat Heartburn have helped thousands of people gain a greater insight into the cause of their acid reflux symptoms like heartburn. You too may find what you need to improve upon your health or better yet eliminate the cause of your acid reflux symptoms.

I understand your pain and concerns. You are not alone! Millions suffer from acid reflux symptoms like heartburn every day. But you don’t have to suffer. There are ways to improve upon and even overcome heartburn, acid reflux, GERD, and other related digestive disorders. Together we’ll explore lifestyle and diet changes that can lead to digestive healing. God bless! ~ Steve Hood