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aloe vera coconut water drink for acid reflux

Aloe Vera and Coconut Water Drink

Aloe vera and coconut water make for a great tasting, health drink for acid reflux prevention and treating heartburn.

Aloe vera for internal use is used to soothe and promote healing of an inflamed esophageal lining, thus reducing the effects of heartburn.

Coconut water is a great choice for a soothing, heartburn drink. It contains vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants that help replenish those lost by regular use of heartburn medications.

This recipe calls for a little lime for flavor. Lime also reduces acid production.

If you like, you can add some manuka honey. Manuka honey will sweeten the drink and help soothe your esophagus from that irritating heartburn.

Make sure you’re using an aloe vera form designated for internal use.

Aloe Vera and Coconut Water Drink Recipe




  1. Mix coconut water, aloe vera gel, manuka honey, and squeeze in juice from 1 slice of lime.
  2. Add ice.
  3. Garnish with lime slice if desired.
  4. Enjoy and feel better!

aloe vera coconut water drink for acid reflux

Check out this drink recipe. Aloe vera, coconut water, lime, and manuka honey can be combined into a healthy drink for the relief of heartburn from acid reflux.


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