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Low stomach acid can cause acid reflux, unhealthy bacterial buildup, and many more digestive disorders. Check out these 10 reasons for low stomach acid and how to increase stomach acid.
The stomach must have plenty of acid to do its job efficiently. Low stomach acid can cause acid reflux, bacterial buildup, inability to kill other unhealthy bacteria, and many more problems.

10 Reasons for Low Stomach Acid

  1. Age: As we get older our stomachs have the tendency to create less acid.
  2. Stress reduces acid production
  3. Poor or improper diet
  4. Refined sugar. It depletes minerals and promotes bad bacteria growth that blocks absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  5. Candida overgrowth. High levels of yeast in the digestive tract
  6. Lack of proper vitamins and minerals
  7. Prescription medications
  8. Antacids and acid blockers
  9. Certain illnesses
  10. Diluting of acids by drinking too much water at meals

There are probably more reasons. Do you know of any?

How to Increase Stomach Acid and Stop Heartburn

  • Reduce stress and try not to be stressed when eating. If you are in need of ideas for de-stressing, I have a stress management list.
  • Eat unpasteurized probiotic foods and take probiotic supplements.
  • Eat unprocessed, organic foods. Avoid refined grains and sugars. unnatural foods, genetically modified foods, and artificial ingredients.
  • Tenderize meats in organic marinades containing lemon, lime, tomato, or other acidic fruit or vegetable juices. Their acids will help break down the meats thus making them tender and easier to digest.
  • Properly chew foods to combine the digestive enzymes in the mouth, and break down food for easier digestion.
  • Use a high quality sea salt for added minerals and electrolytes that send electrical signals to our digestive tracts.
  • Take a multi-vitamin (women’s vitamin/men’s vitamin) to help provide the vitamins and minerals needed for proper acid production.
  • Through use of a hydrochloric acid supplement like Betaine HCl. Stomach acid is hydrochloric acid (HCl)
  • Avoid overeating or drinking too many liquids with your meal can dilute acid levels.

Do you know other ways to increase HCl levels? I’d love to hear them if you do.

If we will learn to treat our bodies like the amazing machines they are and stop catering to our dietary whims, we will be healthier and reduce chances of having heartburn, acid reflux and the complications that can come from them. Low acid production may not be the cause of your heartburn, but the more you learn the better understanding you’ll have about your digestive issues and how your heartburn can be eliminated or drastically reduced.

Low stomach acid can cause acid reflux, unhealthy bacterial buildup, and many more digestive disorders. Check out these 10 reasons for low stomach acid and how to increase stomach acid.

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